RADP 14 - December 2009
It's year #11 for the annual December holiday RADP meet! It's the same cast and crew, but all new goofy adventures! Along side the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Studios and Animal Kingdom, this year's adventures also include Sea World and the Universal Orlando resort!
Julie's 30th Birthday Road Trip
It's time for a road trip! In order to celebrate the big 3-0, Julie jumps behind the wheel and visits Dollywood, Myrtle Beach, Freestyle Music Park, Wild Adventures and IKEA Atlanta! There aren't a lot of words here, but you'll get to enjoy more than 140 photos of her adventures!
RADP 13 - December 2008
It's the most wonderful time of the year! For the tenth year in a row, Julie and all of her RADP friends meet in Disney World for more than a week of fun! With all the awesome rides, great meals and fantastic friends, this is a trip that never fails to be wonderful! Includes nine days of photos, text, and Leopardosauruses.

Japan! It's Something!
Julie and Kevin head for the Land of the Rising Sun for a 15 day sojourn through Tokyo, Toba, Osaka, Hiroshima, Miyajima, and Kyoto. And of course, there was plenty of time to explore the Tokyo Disney Resort as well! Every detail of the trip is captured in this extensively detailed narrative, and is complemented by photos of the landscape, architecture, people and...FOOD!
Canada, Summer 2008
Julie makes a run for the border! Finally escaping Nashville after more than six months, Julie visits Martin's Fantasy Island and Canada's Wonderland, and has a blast in the Niagara Falls area and the tourist traps of Clifton Hill!
Lost and Coastering
...or "How to spend 9 days lost in New Jersey and Pennsylvania yet still manage to get 53 new coaster credits!" Julie visits 8 brand new parks and manages to get completely lost multiple times! You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll be compelled to buy a GPS!

Julie and Kevin go to Spain!
Julie heads across the pond for her first trip to Europe, and who better to go with than Kevin! This extensive trip report includes their experiences in Madrid, Sevilla, Tarifa, Tangiers, Granada and Barcelona, as well as all the fun they had in amusement parks Parque de Atracciones, Isla Magica and PortAventura!
Day Trips of 2006
Julie's coastering adventures took her on four one- or two-day trips in 2006. Includes photos from Holiday World and Beech Bend, Paramount's Carowinds, and two sets of photos from Six Flags over Georgia.
Julie and Kevin invade SoCal! Julie and Kevin enjoy 6 days, 4 parks, 24 new coaster credits and lots of fun times with new friends and old in August and September of 2006! Includes Six Flags Magic Mountain, the Disneyland Resort and Knott's Berry Farm!
Julie's Alabama Credit Whoring Adventure! Julie and Emily take a day trip to Birmingham to try and clean up four remaining coaster credits in the south. Is Alabama Adventures really as bad as everyone says? Find out here!
It's time for Julie's Epic Walt Disney World trip report! Julie, Kevin, Peter, Tony, Kim, Susan and many, many others have a blast at the 10th annual RADP meet. Lots of good friends, good food and good parks make this one of Julie's favorite trips ever! Contains close to 200 photos!
Beech Bend announces their new GCI wooden coaster, Kentucky Rumbler, and Julie is there for the press confrence! Contains exclusive walkback photos of the coaster and well as photos during an ERT session on the Beech Bend Wild Mouse.
Kevin comes to Nashville for a weekend! He and Julie have goofy fun in the Adventure Science Center, and make a jaunt to Six Flags over Georgia. Also includes their first meal at a Carrabba's!

Julie's Vacation on a Stick

Follow all 8 days and 9 parks of Julie's coaster tour around Lake Erie. Includes pictures from Cedar Point, Geauga Lake, Idlewild, Kennywood, Conneaut Lake, Waldameer, Darien Lake, Canada's Wonderland, Kings Island and more!
Julie visits Indiana Beach and Six Flags Great America. Also includes a visit to Ed Debevics in Chicago.
Julie visits Beech Bend in Bowling Green, KY in June of 2005 and experiences the wonders of a redneck amusement park.
Julie and her mom spend a day at Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, enjoying coasters, Dippin Dots and Mr. Gattis!
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